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Looking for Window Glass Installation You Can Trust?

Residents of Atlanta look no further than Glass Doctor – the expert in fixing your window panes. Our glass experts take the highest care and caution in repairing and upgrading your home windows, from taking exact measurements to making sure your window glass is installed right the first time.

We specialize in smart, energy efficient windows that help to manage your home’s internal temperature, keeping out cold air in the winter and keeping out hot air in the summer. Our technicians can install insulated glass units (or IG units) that use two panes of glass with compressed air in between that can cut down on your electricity bills.

We also offer Low-Emissivity Glass installation and repair. These types of windows help with glare and also provide lots of energy-saving benefits.

For window glass installation and repair you can trust, make sure you call the doctor – Glass Doctor of Atlanta.

Window Replacement

Invest in replacement windows to keep your home more comfortable and increase the value of your property. Offering services in Marietta, Alpharetta, Atlanta, Norcross and Roswell, we are passionate about making your home more comfortable with quality replacement windows. Invest in new windows today and start enjoying the benefits tomorrow.

Home Window Glass | Glass Doctor Atlanta

Custom Sizes

Not all homes feature standard window sizes. If the home improvement stores don’t carry your window sizes in stock, you can turn to us for help with your custom replacement windows. We build our windows to fit your home perfectly. Whether you have bays, bows, double-hung or casement windows, we can build a new window that will fit beautifully and make your home more energy efficient.

Vinyl or Wood

Whether you prefer the low-maintenance of vinyl or the unique look of wood, we have the right windows for you. Carrying a wide selection of styles, we can provide you with a window that matches the architecture of your home and makes it more attractive. We offer replacement windows in both styles, so you can get a window that will blend beautifully and create the right visual touch for your property.

Clear or LoE Glass

We offer LoE glass to filter out UV rays and protect the interior of your home from sun damage. LoE glass keeps your home cooler in the summer and prevents fading of upholstery and flooring. However, LoE isn’t the right choice for everyone. If you prefer clear glass, you will appreciate knowing that we also offer replacement windows with clear glass for your home.


While we are happy to replace your windows with more energy efficient options, you don’t always need to invest in full replacement. Sometimes, a broken pane or foggy glass can be replaced without investing in a new window. We are happy to offer repairs that you can trust. Whether you need custom cuts of glass for shower doors, mirrors or windows, we can help you with your entire glass repair and replacement needs.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Older windows can be major sources of heat loss in the winter and external heat transfer in the summer. However, you can make your home more energy efficient by investing in quality replacement windows featuring double or triple panes and gas fillings for added insulation. Your home will be more energy efficient, and you will see a substantial drop in both heating and cooling bills.

Whether you are replacing broken windows or want to invest in replacement windows for energy efficiency, the team at Glass Doctor can help you. We offer custom sizes in both vinyl and wood construction, so you are sure to find the right window style for your home. Carrying clear and LoE glass, we can provide you with the perfect window for your needs. Call us today at see how we can help you with all of your window replacement and repair needs.

Window Film

Glass Doctor of Atlanta, GA, is proud to serve the cities of Marietta, Alpharetta, Norcross, Roswell and the surrounding areas. Our expert technicians are ready to serve all your glass needs including auto, business and residential. We also install glass shower doors, tabletops and more.

The time to start thinking about saving money on summer’s cooling bills is before the hot days begin. A great way to do this is by investing in the installation of window film. Special UV reflective coatings prevent the sun’s destructive rays from fading furniture and from heating up the room. This saves money on the air conditioning bills for both commercial and residential customers. While DIY kits are available, they are hard to install and may not endure for a single season. Professional grade film and installation is a far better investment.

The films can include special coatings that do not allow people to see inside the windows or glass doors. This can provide security for businesses as well as homeowners. Nefarious people do not see anything valuable through the film and pass by.

Different coatings can include pictures of flowers, resemble stained glass, cut glass or other designs. The coatings can also be plain or resemble geometric patterns. Persons inside the building can see the outside while enjoying a cooler environment.

Special films are available that keep graffiti from spoiling commercial windows and creating an eyesore in the neighborhood. Instead of an employee scraping or scrubbing paint from the window, these films are simply removed; the graffiti sticks to the film instead of the glass. A new film is applied and the window looks pristine again.

Window films have an added benefit in addition to security, UV protection can lower utility expenses. In the event of a breakage, the films hold most glass pieces in place. This makes it much easier and safer to clean up after an accident or after storm damage.

Any size, shape or age of window can be fitted with film. The window is carefully measured and the film is cut to fit. Our expert technicians install the film without causing any damage to window frames or walls. The films do not detract from the appearance of older, vintage or heritage houses at all. By choosing a clear film, the windows do not appear to have anything on them at all.

It is far less expensive to install window film than to purchase and install a new HVAC system. The energy savings may pay for the film and installation over a single season or two.