Tips on Removing Your Car’s Window Tint

Posted on August 21st, 2017 by WPO-admin

Tired of looking at your worn out and faded window tint? Tinted windows can be a nice addition, but it’s not a forever fix and tint past it’s time can begin to bubble or become discolored. So when it comes time to say goodbye to your expired window tint, here are some of the easiest and most useful DIY ways to efficiently remove it.

Soap and Scrape

One easy way to remove window tint is with a little soap. First, take a razor blade and slit the corner of the tint; grasp and firmly begin to rip the film off as much as you can. After you’ve completed peeling, you’ll want to spray a soapy water mixture onto the adhesive. You can then use a sponge to scrape it away. Be sure to clean the window with a glass cleaner once all the adhesive is removed.

Blow It Away

This one is a cost effective method but might get a bit messy. All you will need is a blow dryer and some garbage cans. On high, use the dryer to warm up the corner of the tint, keeping the dryer about 2 inches away. Do so until you can peel back the tint. Peel off the tint and use the towel to wipe off any remaining adhesive. If you are having some difficulty, reheat.

Steam It

Have a clothing steamer at home — well it can help remove your tint! Just like the blow dryer, the steamer will heat the film, making it easy to scrape away. Fill it with water and begin steaming near the corner of the film until it’s easy to peel away. Clean away any extra with an adhesive remover and towel; Once removed, clean your windows with a standard window cleaner.


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