Three Things to Check Before a Road Trip

Posted on June 22nd, 2017 by WPO-admin

Road Trip Safety

Now that summer is officially here; it’s time to start planning your summer road trip! Before you start listing your pit stops and creating a packing list — be sure to inspect your car! A thorough vehicle inspection will ensure that you’ll have a safe and enjoyable ride. So before you hit the road —  here are three things you should check:

1. Your Tires.

Before your hit the pavement you want to be sure that your tires will be able to go the distance. Check your tire pressure and use a tread depth gauge to check for tread wear. A long trip can wear down tires quickly so if your tread is less than 2/32 inch, you might want to consider replacing it before you go.

2.Your Brakes and Headlights.

To ensure a safe and steady road trip, you should have your brakes inspected. Your brake fluid should be full, and if you notice a rusty brown color, it’s time to get your brake system flushed out. While you’re at it, have your pads and rotors checked. A full system brake test will ensure that your car is prepared to stop suddenly if needed. Check all headlights and brake lights to make sure that they are fully functioning and replace any broken bulbs.

3. Your Windshield.

Check for cracks, dings, or chips in your front windshield and if needed, schedule a repair or replacement. A long drive can kick up a lot of debris causing even the littlest window chip to become a full-blown crack. In case of an accident, an intact windshield is a necessity for proper airbag deployment.  Don’t forget to check your windshield wipers and wiper fluids too.


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