The Top Bathroom Glass Trends

Posted on August 22nd, 2017 by WPO-admin

Deciding your bathroom layout can be a bit much, but knowing your options is only half the battle. Tubs, showers, both — your style can change the whole feel of your bathroom. So if you are worried about space, looking for something more modern, or just want to switch your shower curtain for some glass, here are some of the top trends you should consider:

Open Showers

An open shower is completely visible to the entire bathroom and is just separated by glass. It allows for a ton of space and a more open feel. If you are looking for an array of design options, an open shower concept might be best.

Tub in a Shower

If you are looking to have the open step in shower feel but still like the option of a bath, you can now combine the two. A large step in shower encased in glass can hold a beautiful pedestal tub. Beyond looking great, having them side by side can save space and avoid the mess.

Shower Enclosures

Looking to add some glass without fully closing up your shower — you can choose a shower enclosure. A simple pane of glass can help block the splash and alleviate a need for a shower curtain. It also gives a modern spin to any bathroom style.

Frameless Glass Doors

Frameless glass doors give you the option of customizability with an array of styles. If you are looking for a spa like experience you can add a frameless door to a steam shower. Or if you are just looking for a more open look, frameless glass doors are it!


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