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Sandy Springs Glass Repair | Cumming Insulated Glass Repair
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Sandy Springs & Cumming Insulated Glass Repair

Glass is one of the most versatile materials that are seen in a home as it can be used in many of its parts such as the doors, windows, tabletops and mirrors. It does not only add beauty and visibility but is functional, as well. In windows and doors, they allow fresh wind and natural light from the sun to pass through. At the same time, they provide protection from the elements and from intruders. Mirrors provide reflection, giving a more spacious look. Glass in tabletops serves as a protection and support to furniture. When glass has scratches, cracks or are foggy, it may be time to consider home glass repair with the help of Glass Doctor of Atlanta, a highly reputed glass repair service provider in Sandy Springs, GA, as well as Cumming, GA.

Glass Repair and Installation

If you want to protect your windows, you can opt for a glass protectant, which can be applied to existing or new windows. Now, when windows have slight scratches or cracks, these can be repaired without replacing the window frame. However, when they are already old or damaged, they can be replaced with new windows that are more energy efficient. You can avail of these services at Glass Doctor of Atlanta in Cumming, GA.

Foggy Window Repair – Insulated Glass Repair 

Foggy windows are a result of a condensation between glass panes, wherein a possible leak is present in the seal of the insulated glass. Water leaks reduce the glass’ insulation properties. This means that your house does not get enough protection from the outside elements. This also leads to waste of electricity in keeping the house warm during winter months and cold during summer.

Insulated Glass can be repaired by means of defogging services from a reputable glass companies like the Glass Doctor of Atlanta. However if they are beyond repair, foggy windows can be replaced with the latest energy-efficient windows that can let homeowners save on electricity costs.  Contact us today for Sandy Springs & Cumming Insulated Glass Repair & Replacement.

Door glass repair

Most doors, nowadays, have half or full glass. Since doors give access to a home, they should be clear and free from damage so they can provide security to the home’s residents. So, when they have flaws like cracks, it is important to have them repaired immediately. On the other hand, they can be upgraded with doorlites or glass door inserts.

Custom Tabletop

A glass tabletop does not only highlight furniture but also protects it. Choosing a glass as a tabletop gives the advantage of allowing the beauty of a wood to be seen. A custom tabletop is a practical alternative since glass can be customized according to your size, shape, and thickness of choice, to fit to your furniture piece. It is important to find expert technicians in Sandy Springs, GA that can do the job well.

Custom Mirror Glass

Custom made mirrors are available in a variety of designs, sizes, shades and colors. You can also choose from different types of glasses and frames. So, there is no limit to the customized mirrors you like to decorate your home.


It is important to consider home glass repair whenever we see slight damages or flaw in our glass windows, doors, mirrors or tabletops to avoid further costs of replacements. It is also important to get the repair job done by glass experts like Glass Doctor of Atlanta in Sandy Springs, GA.



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