Preventing Shower Door Fog

Posted on July 11th, 2017 by WPO-admin

A nice hot shower can be the perfect start or end to the day!  You get out ready to fix your hair and face, but the mirror is so fogged up you can’t even see. No matter how much you wipe, your reflection is still barely visible, and your relaxed state has turned to frustration. Fortunately, there are many easy ways you can beat the dreaded mirror fog and end your relaxing shower on a high note.  So below are just a few of the simple products you can use to keep your mirror fog free:


Another household necessity, dish soap can also stop the fog. Next time you are doing the dishes, leave a little bit of the soap in your hands and head to the bathroom.  Add some water to the soap and wipe across the mirror. Clean with a towel, and you’ll be left with a fog free mirror all day.

Shaving Creaming

Looking for a longer lasting fog fix; try shaving cream! It will leave your mirror fog free for weeks! So the next time you are about to shave, add some shaving cream to your mirror. Lather the whole thing up, and wipe clean with a towel. Just like that, you’ll have fog free glass.

Car Wax and Defogger

Car wax and interior window defoggers can both do wonders for bathroom mirrors! So the next time your cleaning your car, bring the supplies indoors. Apply the product to your bathroom mirror just like you would your car. 

Blow Dryer

If you forgot to prep the mirror before you took a shower and are now left with your own steam room — break out the blow dryer!  A blow dryer will quickly eliminate the water causing the mirror to fog.  Turn it on and place towards the glass; within minutes, your mirror will be fog free!


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