What To Look For In New Glass

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When getting new glass installed at home, there are a number of things that you should be doing. Whether this is a simple pane replacement in a small room or a full-scale project, there are a ton of things that can go into the build process as well as the replacement of the frame and more! To get a better understanding of what you might want in your glass, take a look below at a few things that provide benefits for both you and your home.


The idea of getting new panes is to eliminate the other type — get it?! But in all seriousness, dual pane windows are something that should be carefully considered each time you decide on new windows. These window types are great because they provide protection from the moisture outside, but can also prevent air conditioning from escaping, and heat coming in. The simple construction makes it virtually unnoticeable and leaves you with money-saving benefits for years to come.

UV protecting

Most glass does a pretty good job at protecting you from the elements — but how much can it block the sun’s rays? Truthfully, some do a better job than others, and it’s important to also have adequate shading in the area in which a window receives a decent amount of sunlight. Alternatively, there are also window films available that can be adhered to the glass, blocking out UV rays.

Whatever the job might be for you at home, make sure the quality of your glass and the installation are both up to par. At Glass Doctor Atlanta, we have the experience and technicians necessary to make your process that much easier!

When you’re ready, let Glass Doctor of Atlanta take care of your home or vehicle! Give us a call at 404-492-7998 and inquire about a free estimate or visit us on Facebook for more tips, tricks, and information!

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