How to Reinforce Your Windows

Posted on August 30th, 2017 by WPO-admin

Though fall might be heading our way, hurricane season is just getting started and no matter where you live, it’s never a bad thing to be prepared especially when it comes to your windows! Wind and rain can cause shattered glass, water damage, and flooding. So to be as prepared as you can — you’ll want to know how to properly reinforce your windows.


Looking for an affordable and removable way to protect your windows — go with plywood.  You’ll want to make sure that they are longer and wider than the area you are covering. The only thing is you’ll have to install them at the very last minute!

Hurricane Film

If you are looking for something that can stay up throughout the years, you’ll want to look into hurricane film. Another perk about the film — it blocks UV rays that can often fade your carpets or certain fabrics. The primary purpose of the film is to prevent the glass from shattering at a high rate; however, wind can still get blown into the entire window frame.

Storm Shutters

A permanent fixture to the house’s structure, storm shutters can be a nice accent too. They are on the pricey side, but all you’ll have to do is pull the shutter down in time for the storm. Most shutters are made from aluminum, reinforced fabric or aluminized-wrapped foam.

High Impact Glass

High Impact Glass is usually two panes of tempered glass that is separated by a film. They resemble your regular windows and don’t alter the appearance of your home. They are impact resistant and might even qualify for a discount on your homeowner’s policy.


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