How to Get Your Home Hurricane Ready

Posted on July 21st, 2017 by WPO-admin

Though hurricane season has already begun, it’s far from over! If you haven’t started getting your home hurricane ready, it’s not too late. To protect your family and prevent as much as damage to your home as possible, be sure to follow these hurricane safety tips:

Make Sure Your Roof is Secure

The most common home damage during a storm is roof damage, and it can cause an array of problems. To avoid damage, you’ll need to take care of all loose roof tiles and shingles and hire a professional to install hurricane straps and brace gable ends. Have a metal roof? Be sure to look for rust and lose anchoring and replace and repair if needed.

Check and Protect Doors

Have any glass doors in your house? They should be protected just as you would your windows. Inspect all doors and hinges; if you have a garage door, be sure to brace it. A unbraced garage door can increase your chances of wind getting in — add in the wind that’s swirling above your home, and you now have a push-pull effect that could end in a flyaway roof. A kit to brace your garage door is available at most home improvement stores.

Cover Windows

You’ll want to protect all the windows in your home, big or small. You can use plywood, or hurricane film but if you are in a high impact hurricane area — you might want to invest in something more permanent like storm shutters or high-impact glass. Storm shutters come in a variety of styles, and some even let light in. High impact windows can be costly, but they will not alter the look of your home, and you might even qualify for a discount on your homeowner’s insurance. So a little investment now can save you from some costly repairs later.


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