Cleaning Hacks for Your Shower

Posted on September 12th, 2017 by WPO-admin

Tired of scrubbing your bathroom for hours? Do you have trouble getting your shower doors to be streak free and shiny? Well if you are looking to find a quick and efficient way to keep your shower doors at their best, here’s a few hacks:


One of the best ways to keep shower cleaning down to a minimum is by keeping a squeegee near by. Make it a habit to squeegee the doors after every shower, and your soap scum will be less and less. A good minute squeegee will keep them sparingly and spot free for longer too.


When it comes to shower cleaning, you should have your own set of tools. Looking to get into small crevices; a toothbrush will do the trick! Need to get the gunk where the door and the metal meet, a paint scraper is perfect for this. Having a shower tool belt will get you the deep down clean your shower doors deserve.

Bye Bye Buildup

Getting rid of shower build up doesn’t always require expensive cleaners. Plenty DIY mixes can help keep your shower gunk free, such as vinegar and water — just be careful that the at home mix you are using is compatible with your shower material.

Daily Shower Spray

A little regular cleaning can cut your big cleanings in half. Mixing a little water, dish soap, and essential oils and spraying after a squeegee is all you need to do. If you shower is stone free, add some vinegar too.


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