Why is My A/C Bill Higher Than Normal?

Posted on June 14th, 2017 by WPO-admin

Have you been noticing an increase in your A/C bill? Does it seem like your house is taking longer to cool down? Beating the heat in Atlanta can be tough — but it shouldn’t be tough on your wallet! Here are a few common reasons your A/C bill might be on the rise:

Improper Ventilation.

Don’t forget your bathroom fan and vent. They should be used before and after a shower to prevent additional moisture in the home. If not, the extra humidity in the air will cause your air conditioner to work overtime.

Not Enough Shade.

Sunlight is a nice, natural way to brighten up a room, but it can also let in unwanted warmth. Over time the excess heat can add up —  causing your cooling system to work harder than it has to. You can still enjoy the sunlight, just be sure to close the blinds whenever you leave the room. Looking to block out the sun altogether? Invest in a pair of darker curtains or light blocking shades.

You Need New Windows.

If you still can’t seem to beat the sunlight, you might want to invest in some LoE glass, which can help filter out UV rays. Older windows? You might be losing air through a leak or inadequate insulation. Installing quality windows with added insulation can cause a substantial drop in your A/C bill.

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