5 Out of The Box Car Cleaning Tricks

Posted on August 22nd, 2017 by WPO-admin


Cleaning your car be an easy task but are you doing it smart? Many normal household products can take your car from dingy to new. So if you are looking to get that new car look, why not try these five out of the box cleaning tips:

1. Pop, Fizz Clean it Is!

To get the grime off your windshield, all you need is a can of soda! Just pour the drink over the windshield while protecting the hood with towels and watch the fizz wipe the grime away.  Just remember to clean the glass after to avoid dust and dirt entirely.

2. Baby Wipes

The multi-purpose wipe can also be a great car cleaning tool, too! Whenever you need a quick wipe, they are a perfect option for your windshield and windows. Keep them in your glove compartment so that you can always do a quick wipe when needed.

3.Condition More Than Your Locks

Looking to add some shine to your car, look towards your shower. Hair conditioner contains lanolin which can be an excellent replacement for car wax. It’s also a great way to repel rain too!

4. Don’t Forget Wiper Blades

When it comes to washing your car, you’ll want to work smarter not harder. Dirty windshield wipers will turn your shiny windshield into a dusty and spotty disaster, so while you’re in clean mode — don’t forget the blades. Wipe them with an ammonia and cold water mix and dry with a soft dry cloth.

5. Reuse The Old

Looking to get your headlights shiny as can be — try reusing your old panty hoses. Sounds weird, but with a little glass cleaner, your old pantyhoses, and a vigorous rub, you’ll have shiny and dust free head lights. Easy and resourceful! 


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