3 Glass Hacks That Can Be Done At Home

Posted on May 15th, 2017 by

At home, there are a number of ways you can create little hacks to increase productivity, curb appeal and more! But through these efforts, some of them just don’t last, or stand up to the claim. When it comes to home glass and windows, there are a number of different DIY tricks you can do, ranging from cleaning to cooling your home. We’ve compiled just a few of our favorite ones below that you can do today!

Cleaning Your Glass

Sometimes, there are hard water deposits that get left on the glass in your home, which can hinder its ability to look as clean as it once did. The easy way to combat this issue is to take a steel wool brush, and soak it in some water. From here, lightly brush the affected areas on the window, and dry it with a nice microfiber towel. Most of the easy to remove sediment should come off quickly! You can repeat the process for pesky marks.

Cooling Your Home

Let’s say you don’t want to run the AC, or your room is a bit stuffy. A simple way to fix this issue is to grab an old bedsheet, and dampen it up. Wring it out so that there’s no water dripping on the floor, and hang it over your open window. When the wind blows, air will pass through the wet sheet and send cool, moist air into the room. This makes warmer summer afternoons much easier than previously thought!

Replacing Windows

If you have a broken pane or a window fixture that simply can’t keep the climate in your home, it might be a thought to have it fixed or replaced. In the metro Atlanta region, there’s only one way to have the job done right the first time — and that’s with Glass Doctor of Atlanta! Make sure to give us a ring and speak to a consultant who can help prepare your home for the upcoming project.


When you’re ready, let Glass Doctor of Atlanta take care of your home or vehicle! Give us a call at 404-492-7998 and inquire about a free estimate or visit us on Facebook for more tips, tricks, and information!

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