3 2017 Glass Trends For Your Home

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Whether you’re building a home from the ground up or replacing a few panes along the way, there always begs a question pertaining to the glass and window structure you’re going to go with. Instead of worrying about how big you want your traditional square windows to be, think about how you can open the box up and change around your plans to be a bit more unique! Glass trends are ever-changing, and there are a number of things that you can do at home to really bring out the unique styles you prefer your home to have.

Tall Windows

If you’re the type who loves to let light into the house, tall windows are a great option. Often spanning from the ground to the ceiling, these windows can let an enormous amount of light into the room with ease. Additionally, this helps style rooms with color, as you can use elegant and long drapes to block the light from bursting through — think about the possibilities!

Round-top Windows

For strict lighting and style points, some owners tend to opt for windows that feature a round top, or partition leading to a round pane above it. This is a stylistic addition to homes becoming very popular, especially in the front of homes, near entryways, etc.

Dual Pane

Dual pane windows are a hit for a number of reasons. The best one, however, is their ability to both block out the elements and lock heat/cold air inside of your home when needed. What this does is reduce your overall cost of energy, and brings back great ROI when it’s time to sell. This is a must have for all new homes moving forward.

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